Coca-Cola Hands Out Exercise Advice, Campbells Switches to Pouches, and Wendy Comes to Life: The Art of Rebranding

Wendy's casts Morgan Smith Goodwin (or Maggie Mae Morgan) as "Red"

Wendy’s casts Morgan Smith Goodwin (or Maggie Mae Morgan) as “Red”

This week, news surfaced of a global rise in life expectancy. New York City beat their own record – and the national average. Food advocates worldwide had their moment of glory. However, a rise in life expectancy is no guarantee that the next generation will live a healthier life, but possibly a longer, unhealthier one. Coca-Cola, Campbell’s and Wendy’s also wish to make it an obese one.

1. Can sugary drink companies serve as advocates for physical activity?

This past year, New York City ran an anti-obesity campaign that displayed the distance a person needs to walk in order to burn off the calories from one soda. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola makes it public. In November, Coca-Cola Britain released a new online tool. The Work It Out Calculator tells users exactly how much exercise is required to burn off calories from any one of their products. From Coke to Vitamin Water, the interactive tool provides up to 100 different activities categorized into “around the home,” “with the family,” and more.  Is this ethical? Fooducate puts it nicely, “If you drink Diet Coke, you need not exercise at all!

2. Are nutrition labels now that much more important?

In February, Campbell Soup Company released Campbell’s Go! Soup, serving 6 wordy flavors in new microwavable pouches, ditching the can that made Andy Warhol famous. Along with the redesign, Campbell’s launched a new online page, the social-media-esque of which makes it clear that the product is aimed at young adults. And if that doesn’t convince you, check out the animated gif of 3 kittens near a soup can.  With a 1/3 of the daily recommended sodium in 1 serving, will new customers still recognize that it’s the same soup? Campbell’s probably hopes that the answer is “no.”

3. New Wendy’s logo and possibly a new(er) Wendy’s girl.

Morgan Smith Goodman is back on TV with more Wendy’s commercials. The red-head is not Wendy herself, but alter ego “Red,” and a much older version of the Wendy we know. But that’s old news – rumors are surfacing that an even younger Wendy is due to appear soon. And no, not the real Wendy again. In conjunction with the new image, Wendy’s also released a new logo. Notice the conjoined “We,” the highlighted apostrophe, and even a slightly older Wendy. Read the full breakdown of the new logo here.


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